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Monday, October 22, 2007

No School Today...

Man, I'm really going to be close to not graduating if I keep ditching so much. So last night, I was going to go to sleep earlyish because I had school. But I ended up going to sleep at 5 am. I was playing on Bodog and making a little bit of money, so that's why I went to sleep so late. Class starts at 7:55 and I wasn't going to function on 2 hours of sleep, so I decided to sleep in. I woke up at 12 today. Took a shower and then got on Bodog.

I started playing some .5/.10 and getting some nice hands early on. But then I went card dead for a bit so I was around even for a while until I got felted with a busted nut flush draw. So I rebought for another 5 dollars and again went all in on a flush draw and lost. (Sound familiar from last night?) So I thought I was done, but I decided to try a $10 HU match for the hell of it. Man, did this guy suck or what. I beat him in less than 20 hands. I was making some great calls, I think I lost like 3 hands to him altogether, that's how bad he was playing.

So the $20 brought me back to even for the day, and I don't think I'm going to keep playing today. I've got work in a couple of hours and I probably won't be home til' 1 am.

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