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Friday, October 12, 2007

Bears For The Win!

So I haven't played online in ages. More like a couple of weeks or so, but it seems a lot longer than that. However I have been playing live, mostly with one of my friends, who's as much a gambler as I am. But I'll talk about him in a second. Let me first run through what I've been up to as of late...

So I was extremely disappointed about the Cubs getting swept in the NLDS. Forget that I lost $50 Dollars on the last game, it was more painful to watch them get swept at home, against a team that on paper, the Cubs should have dominated. But I guess baseball isn't played on paper. I was actually around Wrigleyville with my girl during the last game. We were just chilling and we stopped by a bar to watch the game for a bit. God it really stung to get swept. At least make things interesting and send it to game five or something. But oh well, they had a good season and hopefully we can get deeper in the playoffs next season.

I've also been missing school. A lot. I've probably been absent about 8 days already and lets not talk about how many times I've gotten there around 11:30 when class starts at 7:55. It just keeps getting tougher and tougher to wake up in the morning. And knowing that the classes I'm taking right now don't really matter towards graduation is a big incentive when deciding whether to wake up and go to class or sleep in all day. And it's not like I do anything productive when I'm at home. I usually wake up around 1, then watch tv until it's either time to go to work or to night school. But I really want to stop this habit. School's only been on for a month or so and I'm already getting scolded by teachers for missing so many classes. I'm actually going to try and go to all of my classes next week. It's going to be really hard, but I'm actually going to try. I'll update ya'll on how that went later next week.

Besides school, something else in my mind has been this girl situation I'm in. I'm currently dating this chick, and we've been together for about a month but we've been kicking it for a lot longer than that. At first I really liked her, and I guess I still do, but being with her just isn't the same anymore. I always had my doubts about whether we would work out because before we were dating, she had another guy who she'd been for almost a year, but she was messing around with me on the side. So I thought to myself, if she was willing to cheat on her previous man with me, who's to say she won't cheat on me with some other dude. I still decided to give it a try anyway, but lately I've kinda sensed something might be up. She's been acting kind of shady, and a friend told me her and her ex had been seeing each other. When I found this out, I actually wasn't too angry, because I was sort of expecting it, and I had been looking for a way out of this relationship anyway, so that might be it. I'll probably talk with her tomorrow to break up.

So back to gambling. I have a friend who I've known for a couple of years and he's the only one of my close friends who's as much a gambler as I am. We'll call this friend "Furcio." Furcio and I not only gamble at school, but he also happens to work with me, so Friday nights here at Gigio's pizzeria is all about the gamble. We'll gamble pretty much on anything. From coin flips to blackjack, to whether the next person who calls in is a man or a woman. And not just bubble gum change stakes either. There's been times were I've won upwards of $300 dollars in a single night on nothing but coin flips and blackjack. Today it was all about Poker though. We played Hold Em' for about 4 hours. We played $.50/$1 with a $10 cap per hand. I was on fire today. I ended up $51 for the night, although I gave a little bit of it back in coin flips. (Don't ask me why I do coin flips for money. It's the most retarded thing ever, trust me, I don't recommend it.)

No day at work with my buddy would be complete without some sports betting. I made the biggest bet I've ever made on any sport for the Bears to win against the Vikings this Sunday. Me and Furcio put up $500 ($250 each) against these other two guys from work. So 1,000 is at stake, which me and Furcio would obviously split if the Bears can get it done this Sunday. It's going to be such a crazy game to watch with so much riding on it, but lets hope for the best.

That's about all that's been up. I'll try to update Sunday night, hopefully with good news about the Bears game.

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