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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Update...

So it was a day of nothing but watching sports and making money. Well kind of making money lol. I started the day with a soccer game from my 3 game parlay. Toluca took care of Puebla and the Redskins and Cowboys did their thing as well, so I won $27 dollars from that parlay to bring my Bodog account to $47. Man I wish I would have added the Santos soccer game, as they won as well. I also played with the idea of adding the Bears game, but I didn't have enough confidence that they would get it done, although they did. So if I had made it a 5 game parlay, the payout would have been huge, considering the Bears were underdogs. But whatever, I hit my parlay and I was happy.

So then I made a second 2 game parlay with the Steelers and the Red Sox. I swear I was tempted to just have the $47 ride on those two games. But I decided against it and I only bet $10. The Sox killed the Indians, but the Steelers couldn't get it done. What a game it was though. Just like a week ago with the Bears game, it all came down to a Field Goal at the last second. Boy was I glad I only bet $10.

Still, after the Steelers game I was steaming a bit so I was like, "ok it's just 10 dollars. I'll go make that in poker in like an hour." So I sit at a .5/.10 table on bodog with 5 dollars and lose it immediately. Ok, rebuy for $3 more dollars. Lost that real quick. And then, I almost did the stupidest thing. I was on tilt to the max and I sat at a .10/.25 with half my roll from Bodog. Thankfully I came to my senses before the Big Blind got to me and I realize I was just going to donk of my money. So I cooled off for a bit, and sat down at a .5/.10 table again, with 5 dollars.

I was a lot more calm this time around and I played pretty well. Tripled up actually and left the table with around $15ish. I wanted to keep playing, but I decided against it. I wanted to end the day with a profit so I guess I did the smart thing. So my Bodog account again stands at 38, and I might bet on the Colts tomorrow night.

Anyway, that about sums up Sunday Gambling Fever. I'm going to go read a few chapters of The Kite Runner (great book) and then go to bed. Hopefully I make it to all my classes tomorrow. Adios.

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