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Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend Goals...

So the weekend is finally here. Time again to grind it out and win some money. Last week's action was crazy as I literally had something riding on almost every game on NFL Sunday and spent most of the day glued in front of my television. Had some wins and some heartbreaks but overall I was able to pull of a profit. Lets hope this week goes just as well.

I originally had set a monetary weekend goal of $20 but this week's games are a lot tougher than last. And not only in the NFL. The weekend is going to be crazy as far as Mexican Soccer goes also. The Super Clasico on Sunday between Chivas and America is going to be insane. Bodog has Chivas as a +170 underdog on the moneyline right now. But this game is going to be so tight. America is at home, and they've got a little bit of confidence with their win over Pachuca last week.Chivas is running good as well. Man I'll probably go with Chivas and hope they can pull it off.

Anyway like I said, a $20 goal now seems a little difficult unless I hit a decent parlay. So I'll make the goal $10 instead. That's doable right? lol Let's hope so.

As far as the NFL goes, I'm betting on the Patriots v Redskins and Colts v Panthers games for sure. Bears game I'm still undecided. I've gotta see how much the lines have moved from now until Sunday morning.

Alright so I don't plan on spending the whole weekend in front of the tv. Just most of it. lol. I do have other plans. I've got Saturday school in the morning, and I was suppose to have lunch with a friend afterwards but she canceled on me last minute so I'm free for most of the afternoon. Later around 6ish I'm going to some Halloween thing called Trails of Terror at Peterson Park. (this means I might have to miss the Santos v Atlas game!!!) My ex asked if I would take her, and I didn't wanna be a douche so I said yes. I'll bring my little sister along so that I will have done something Halloweenish with her this year because I might work on Halloween Night, so I'm a super cool brother like that. haha

So I'm typing all this from work. I get off in about 40 minutes, and I just want to get home and sleep! Work was pretty hectic today. We had people lining up all the way out into the street. Things calmed down around 11ish though, so I had time for a quick $5.00 HU match on Bodog. I took it down in 3 hands, but I was freakin lucky. On the second hand I end up pushing with AQ v 88 and I hit runner runner for a straight. I felt like a donk, but hey, I've taken my share of bad beats so it's all good.

That's all for tonight. I'm tired and I'm not looking forward to waking up at 7am and being stuck in a room for four hours learning about fucking trigonometric functions!

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