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Friday, October 5, 2007

On Life Tilt...

No other fuckin way to describe what I'm going through right now. This past week has been the worst gambling week ever for me. At least on the sports betting angle. I mean, hell, I'll be the first one to tell you that sports gambling is and always will be -EV. But are you freaking kidding me? I just can't seem to catch a break. I'll break down some of the bigger bets I've placed.

Italian Soccer (2 Team Parlay)

AC Milan -450

Palermo +130

Risked $10.00 to win $18.00

This was basically two of the top teams in the league against two of the bottom ones. As you can see from the moneyline, Milan was a huge favorite, but that game ended in a 1-1 draw, so the second game was irrelevant.

NFL (4 Team Parlay)

Baltimore Ravens -220

Chicago Bears -105

Pittsburgh Steelers -260

Indianapolis Colts -550

Risked $10.00 to win $36.47

This was originally suppose to be a 6 game, $20.00 parlay that I was going to do with one of my friends and he picked most of the games but I ended up shaving two of the games because I was a bit skeptical of his Football wits. According to him all these games were a lock. Apparently not..

MLB (Prop "Will there be a run scored in the first inning?")

No -155

Risked $20.00 to win $12.90

This was me just goofing around. I was bored, and the only baseball game on TV was the Rockies v. Padres Wild Card tie breaker.I just wanted some quick action, so I laid down this prop bet. I was getting horrible odds as well. But I guess I was just looking for a quick "high". lol

MLB & NFL (2 Team Parlay)

San Diego Padres -126

New England Patriots -426

Risked $7.10 to win $8.75

lol This was a desperate attempt at winning back some of the money from my previous bets. I knew the Patriots were a sure lock, but if I had only laid a single bet on that game, the payout would have been horrible because New England was such a big favorite. So I had to parlay it with another game, but it was a Monday night so the only other game going on was the Padres v. Rockies. I really thought the Padres would get it done, but after what became an unbelievable game, the umpire blew it in the bottom of the 13th with a horrible call at home plate.

MLB (Cubs v. Diamondbacks NLDS Game 1)

Cubs +104

Risked $10.00 to win $10.40

So this was the game I was really pumped up for. I mean, we had Z going. And I would have laid more money on this but I'd made some smaller prop bets on the game so I decided to only lay down 10 dollars. Wise choice I guess. Z did what he had to do but the Cubs offense was horrible and Marmol, our bullpen "MVP" fucked it up.


UEFA Cup (3 Team Parlay)

Tottenham Hotspur -250

Lokomotiv Moscow -300

Hamburg SV -550

Risked $8.88 to win $10.71

What the fuck. Tottenham crushes this team 6-1 the week before and they only manage a
1-1 draw this time around? Ahh...if Sports Gambling is -EV then Soccer Gambling is -----EV.

So that about covers the biggest bets on Bodog from this past week. I also had this bet with a guy from work. It kind of worked like a 2 game parlay. I bet $25 dollars that the Cubs would win the NL Central and another $25 that the Bears would beat the Lions. So in order for either of us to win any money, we would have to win both of our bets, otherwise we'd even out. So after the Cubs clinched the NL Central last Friday, I was on somewhat of a freeroll, because if the Bears won, I'd collect $50 dollars, but if they lost, we'd even out and I wouldn't owe him anything. Well the Bears blew a ten point lead going into the 4th quarter and that was that.

So to recap. I'm on life fuckin tilt and I hate sports gambling with a passion.

p.s.- I've got the Cubs for $70 in tomorrow's game and the Bears for $20 on Sunday...

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