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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stupid CPS...

So I managed to drag my ass to school this morning. I was so comfy in my warm bed and the mere thought of having to walk to school in the cold almost made me go back to sleep. But the hardest part is always getting out of bed, so I just got up and jumped in the shower real quick before I changed my mind.

I'm at school right now, and since this is my lunch hour I thought I'd get in a quick session of .5/.10 on Bodog and maybe a HU match. But it seems the CPS (Chicago Public Schools) network here at school prevents me from accessing t he Bodog Software on my laptop. Same thing with Pokerstars. The only thing actually working is Full Tilt Poker. Only problem is I have no money in there.

So I guess I'll have to get trough this lunch period with no poker unless my friend furcio is up for another beating in .5/1 HU.

Last night I worked til 1am. I made a super small bet for the Colts v. Jaguars game parlaying the Colts -175 plus the Over (451/2). The Colts won, but my over didnt get covered so I lost that.

Work was extremely slow yesterday. I spent most of the day reading The Kite Runner. I might write about it in here sometime this week. Anyway work was really slow and by 12am there were absolutely no calls coming in so I played some poker on Bodog and ended up losing like 5 bucks.

I've got night school today so I probably won't be home til around 8pm so I'm not sure if I'll be playing any poker tonight. Depends on how tired I am. Anyway, I'm gonna go take Furcio's money for the remainder of my lunch period so I'm out!

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