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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday's Picks

I had another 1-1 day yesterday which makes it 3 days in a row but at least I made a small profit this time since I played the Lakers for $10.

Man, I also thought I had bet on the Mexico v. Ecuador game and was sweating the match. I was happy as hell when Mexico pulled off the last minute victory with Vuoso's goal in the 90th minute, only to come check my BookMaker account and realize I never actually bet the game, lol.

I only played the Lakers and Chivas who lost. I was sure I added the Mexico pick when I bet on the Chivas game, but I guess not.

Chivas -0.5

Lakers +1

Day Profit: +$3.84

Day Record: 1-1

Total Record: 159-170-8

Bankroll: $126.04

Total Profit: -$73.96


vtn said...

who you like tonight in the football game?

vtn said...

crooked br > paper chaser.

that's a bad sign. for me hah.

vtn said...

alright good luck! let's cash!

man i've added more picks. probably a bad thing hah.