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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Bets

So I'm getting pretty tired of these win $4, lose $5, win $3, lose $6, lose $0.90 win $0.45 days....

Which is why I'm making some big plays today. Well, big at least relative to my bankroll. Today could potentially turn out to be a very good day, or a very bad one, lol.

And I'm placing the bets in one of the most inconsistent sports, soccer! Really the best team can go down to the shiitiest one any day of the week which is why betting on soccer is so high risk.

Buy anyway I've got a play on Mexico at -140 (PK). Haha, I actually guessed correctly on exactly what the line was going to be on yesterday's post. I've also got a bet on the under on that game and a 3 game parlay with some other big favorites.

Like I said, this could spell disaster for me but you gotta bet big to win big!

Haha, yea anywya. I'm off to Best Buy to buy me an iPod Touch and then back home to watch the games!

Edit: adding another big play on the Over in the Jamaica v. Canada game. Jamaica needs to win by at least 7 goals to have any sort of chance to qualify, so you know their offense is gonna be popping. At least I hope it is, lol. This one's for $30!

Mexico PK -140..........($20)

Mexico v. Honduras Under 2.5 -145..........($20)

3 Game Parlay: USA -0.5, Jamaica -0.5 and T &T -0.5..........($20)

Canada v. Jamaica Over 2.5 -190..........($30)


Day Profit: +$31.48

Day Record: 3-1

Total Record: 165-175-8

Bankroll: $150.13

Total Profit: -$49.87


vtn said...

damn those are big dollar bets! good luck man! i'm with you on mexico!

vtn said...

the lines are crossed off for the mexico game. i think someone's injured or theyre rioting in mexico hah.

vtn said...

do we still win if it's a tie?

vtn said...

oh btw, i got it in hah.

The Hero said...

Good luck broham

vtn said...

damn i should of taken mexico to win then. a tie isn't a bet to me hah.

vtn said...

damn you know youre running good when i pick the only pick you got wrong hah oh well.