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Friday, November 28, 2008

Chasin' Chase

So we had quite an interesting Thanksgiving yesterday. It all started around 11 A.M. when my little sister came into my room to wake me up asking me to help look for Chase, our dog. Apparently he either jumped the fence on our backyard or someone just left the gate open.

Anyway, so we were all walking around the neighborhood trying to look for him and asking joggers/dog walkers if they'd seen him. We searched for about an hour, both on foot and on car but we couldn't find him and no one had seen him.

So we come back home and I start printing out some Lost Dog signs. I go outside and as I'm putting up the first sign, a bunch of little kids ask me if I'm looking for my Chase. They were like 7-8 year olds. And I'm like yeah, have you guys seen him? So they start telling me that Chase had been running around the block all morning scaring the little kids. (wtf? This is a small as dog and cute as hell).

But anyway, they tell me that someone called animal control and they came and took him.(Another wtf! These little kids know Chase isn't some stray dog. They know him by name and they always play with him when I'm walking him.)

I'm asking them if they're absolutely sure of that. They tell me yea they're sure. Some truck came and lured Chase in with some food.

So I run back into the house and I call Animal Control. They tell me that per policy they're not allowed to tell me if my dog is there. I have to go down there and see for myself. So my whole family makes the 1 hour drive down to Animal Control down in the south side and we sign in and wait in a waiting area for about 15 minutes. Then a lady comes and guides me through these 3 big ass rooms where they keep the dogs in these small ass cages and I'm just hoping to find Chase ASAP so we can get the hell outta there. It was scary in there man. Well not for me but I imagine it would be terrifying for Chase. All these dogs barking and howling and shit. Finally I get to the last row of cages and Chase is nowhere to be found. Now I'm like wtf, where is my dog?

So the lady starts telling me that maybe they haven't brought him in yet which doesn't make sense because by now its like 4PM and the kids told me Animal Control picked up Chase around 10AM. She tells me there may also be a couple of other shelters that he might have been taken too but they were probably closed for the day because it was Thanksgiving. So I should check back on Monday.

The drive back home was pretty brutal. I was really bummed out and wondering where the hell Chase was. And then I snapped at my mom for no reason which sucks and I regret. Anyway so we get home and I'm feeling like shit. The rest of the family gets ready to go eat Thanksgiving dinner with some relatives but I just jump into bed to take a nap.

During my nap I heard my cell ring a couple of times but I didn't want to pick it up cause I figured it was some friends I was suppose to hang with that night. I didn't feel like seeing ANYBODY and all I could think of was what my Chase was up to. I felt a little comfort in knowing that at least Animal Control had him somewhere so he wasn't roaming around the street in the freezing cold and possibly hungry. But then I would think about the conditions that they had the dogs in at the animal shelter in those small ass cages and shit and I felt like crying man.

Alrite so anyway I wake up from my nap around 7 PM and see that I have a voice message. Still thinking it's just my friends I ignore it for a bit but finally decide to check it out. It's a message from a lady named Diane telling me she may have found my dog. That he's okay and I can come pick him up if I want.

So I call her back ASAP still confused though because the kids told me they were SURE animal control took him. I call her back and she says she saw the poster that I posted in the morning and she was sure the dog she found was mine. (By the way she managed to find the only single poster I actually put up. After the kids told me animal control took him I stopped putting up the rest of the posters.)

So I practically run over to her house which is actually literally right accross the street from my house. And there I see Chase playing around in her backyard. Oh man, I was so fucking happy. She told me she saw him roaming around in the morning and just brought him home. Then she saw my poster and called me.

After giving her a million thanks I came back home and called my family to tell them the good news. When they came home we all just started hugging and kissing Chase, lol. The little punk didn't even know what was going on. Guess he decided to have a little adventure of his own for Thanksgiving.

Anyway my sisters and I are planning on buying the lady who found him a thank you card and throwing some cash in there. She seemed like a really nice lady. And I still don't know what the hell was up with the little kids telling me animal control took Chase.

But whatever. I got my dog back which is all that matters.

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vtn said...

hah that's a crazy story. at least you guys spent time together and the chase is back.

what's crazy is that lil kids usually dont lie hah.

now looking ahead, chase is back and let's hope paper chaser is too! hah. happy holidays man!