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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bankroll Bleeding.


Bankroll is definitely heading the wrong way with another bad day yesterday. But it started last Saturday with a lot of draws killing my soccer picks. I did hit my big $50 play on Sunday with Santos but I took the money line at -200 so I only made $25.

Yesterday was another ugly day going 0-3. So the bankroll is under $100 for the first time in a while. Will probably take a couple of days off so I don't make any more picks just to chase.

The online poker bankroll is suffering badly too but that's due to my degenerate self using my Stars and Full Tilt roll to pay off prop bets/ stake players/ and enter retarded pools on FCP. I'm down to like $40. I can still make something happen with that amount though.

I just need to stop running like shit in the $4.40s. Fired one up last night and finished like 40/180. after losing with AQ v. 77 all in pre flop. I just can't seem to win a freaking race lately. But I'll keep at it cause all I need is to final table one of these to give the bankroll a nice boost.


vtn said...

what's your sn on fulltilt?

vtn said...

yo, i'm about to hit a strong winning streak so you should jump onboard. i think hah.