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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drunk Conversation

I'm not much of a drinker. In fact, I can recall maybe two other times that I have gotten completely wasted. Well, last Saturday night was number three thanks to my co-workers

Around 12 AM, an hour before closing time, this guy named Max came in. He works at a liquor store a few doors down. Anyway he comes in with a backpack full of booze. He has a bottle of Jagermeister, a bottle of tequila, 2 six packs of Miller Light and a shit load of Red Bull. And he's looking for people to share the love with.

I declined at first. After all, I was on the job for another hour or so. But then I see my manager downing a Jagerbomb and I say, hey why not! By closing time every single employee there was completely wasted including myself.

Then me and the other phone guy start cracking up over the fact that we have no way of getting home. He has a car, but neither of us are in any condition to drive obviously. He finally calls a friend who comes to pick us up.

I got home around 2AM and REALLY hoping no one was awake at home. Luckily no one was.

So I go online and have an interesting conversation with one of my friend's exes who I rarely talk to. Here are a few excerpts from said conversation:

Me: dude hwoww come we nevber hang outtt????
Her: Umm...
Her: Because we never really talked before
Me: yeaqaaaa
Me: trye
Me: we shoyudl talk more
Me: Sure =]
Me: yeaqaaaaa
Me: what yu wananna talkj about
Her: Umm... Anything you would like
Her: Where on earth were you drinking?
Me: ummm
Me: attt work\
Me: loll
Me: bastards gott me drunk

Her: So they peer pressured you into it
Her: And now you're drunk
Her: =p
Me: pretty mnuchhhh
Me: pear pressure
Me: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Me: actually i tink its spedlled
Me: peer
Me: is it spelled peer?a
Her: Yes, it's peer
Me: coools

Me: sio wucha doiun
Me: why u still up?
Her: I'm kinda sick so I was sleeping all day so I'm just up
Her: Watching Love in the Time of Cholera
Me: ohhh
Her: One of the main characters has slept with 622 women that he can account for
Me: i rad dat book
Me: well i was suupose to read dat book
Me: byt i cant rememvebr if i did or not
Me: did some one own aq paroot in dat book?
Her: Yup
Me: cooool

Wow, my spelling skills leave much to be desired under the influence...

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