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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off to the Circus


I hate soccer.

Not really, lol. But I ended up losing the San Luis game in like the last five minutes of play in what turned out to be a pretty meaningless goal for Santos. Should have just gone with Chaser's picks and nothing else cause I'm just ice cold right now.

I'm gonna follow Chaser on the Steelers tonight since I'm too late to bet on his other pick.

Alright I'm out. Headed out to the Circus at the United Center tonight with a friend. I think I may be scared of clowns. I forgot. We'll find out...

Pittsburgh +2.5....................$10

Day Profit: +$9.09

Day Record: 1-0

Total Record: 172-183-9

Bankroll: $112.25

Total Profit: -$87.75


vtn said...

both teams are done - playoff wise, so i'd go texans at home.

vtn said...

did you take houston?

vtn said...

yeah hopefully i can keep it rolling. better keep following cause i doubt the streak will continue pass this week hah.

i was @ $36 a couple weeks ago. strong surge.