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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WSOP Prop Bets

I was sweating the WSOP Main Event final table both on Sunday and last night and for good reason. I had Dennis Phillips to win it in a $30 pool on FCP. I would have gotten paid off even if he finished second. But nope, he busted in third.

Then I also entered a $20 pool on what cards would hit on the final hand of Heads Up play. Basically you picked a card and if it hit on the flop you got paid $100, the turn paid like $250 and the river paid $500. I had the 7 of clubs, and of course the 7 of spades ends up hitting on the river. Haha I run bad...


I had a split with two picks last night. I had the 49ers +9.5 and Phoenix -11. So I lost a whopping .45 cents on the day yesterday.

Tonight I'm going with the Lakers as well as the 76ers.

Lakers -6

76ers -3.5

Day Profit: -$0.45

Day Record: 1-1

Total Record: 158-169-8

Bankroll: $122.20

Total Profit: -$77.80

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