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Friday, December 7, 2007

I Though I Was Done...

Haha, I really did. I told myself last week that it was over, no more gambling for me. How long did that last? About a day and a half. And it's not like I lost an insane amount of money or anything, I just kinda lost interest in gambling for a bit. Especially poker. My guy Furcio and I ended up not going to that $50 freeze out I talked about on my last update. We were set to go but I changed my mind at the last minute becauseI was dog tired and I had a major headache so I would have just donked my chips away.

So yea, poker's just not doing it for me these days. I don't know why, I just haven't had the urge to play. Usually, when this happens, I get over it in a couple of days or something. And even if I'm not playing, I still try to stay connected to the poker world trough forums and websites and such. But lately, I haven't even had the desire to do that. I'll browse the FCP forums occasionally, but not really looking for any real poker content, just to see what the guys are up to.

I don't know, maybe this'll all be history in a couple of weeks or so and I'll regain my passion for poker but until then, I think I'm going bring the focus back on sports betting.


I lost $100 to this guy at work last week, because the Bears blew it in the 4th quarter, but besides that I haven't been doing much sports betting and I really want to get back on that.

The thing is, I really want to take a smart educated approach to this. Last time I deposited on Bodog I had a really good run until I pissed it all away cause of tilt and that's exactly what I'll try to avoid this time around.

I've been reading up on just some basic guidelines when it comes to sports betting and one of the things people tend to agree on is this concept of units. Basically means that I should bet the same amount of money on each game, and not load of on a game that I think is a lock, because all this is going to do is destroy my BR. I'm not quite sure what my unit amount will be, but I'm going to keep it very small just to test out this educated betting system.

One of the most valuable resources I think I'll have is the RX Forum website because it'll give me a chance to get advice on picks and I also want to keep track of every bet I place, maybe even create some sort of spread sheet.

Anyway, yea I'm pretty excited to start the sports gambling again and I really do think I can make some money if I just stick to some basic BR management rules and make smart plays. I might get started this weekend, but I'm not 100% positive on that so I'll keep ya'll updated.

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