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Monday, December 10, 2007


Had just one play tonight. Monday Night Football. I went with the Falcons for several reasons, the main one being Reggie Bush being out for the Saints. A lot was talked about on therx regarding the big line movement going on. Line opened at Falcons +3.5 and people seemed to think this was a good pick, so when it rose to Falcons +5 I decided to jump on it for a single unit.

Single Bet

Falcons +5 (-113)

Risked $5.00 to win $4.55


Didn't watch the game because I was working but I kept checking the score at Atlanta didn't even manage to keep it a close game. Oh well. I was also planning on making a couple of NBA plays but nothing caught my interest. Right now I'm doing some research for a couple of games for tomorrow's Champion's League matches. Hopefully I have better luck tomorrow on those.


After 6 Picks: 2-4-0 +1 Unit

Bankroll: $56.25

Total Profit: +$6.25

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