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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Sports Betting Grind Begins...

I began the sports betting grind again this weekend, this time around feeling really confident that I can make some money if I make smart decisions and do my homework on every game I bet on. Weekend started off on a good note as I won 65 dollars from gambling at work on friday, and I used $50 from that to get me started on Bodog.

I decided I'm going to bet using units of $5. This is actually quite a large unit taking into account that I'll only be starting off with a $50 dollar Bankroll but if I made the unit any smaller, watching the games would be a little dull.

So anyway, after browsing the RX forums, a lot of the guys seemed to like a couple of picks a lot including Bulls+6.5, Suns -10, Bulls Celts Over 183 and Jazz+ 5. So I said to myself, hey why not kick things off with a couple of teasers, and this is what came of it:

Teaser #1

Suns -6.5
Bulls +10.5

Risked $5.00 to win $5.00

Teaser #2

Jazz +9.5
Bulls v. Celts Over (180)

Risked $2.50 to win $2.50


So I ended up losing those two, and just like that I was 0-2 to begin. Hey no one said it would be easy lol. So I was ready to call it a night until I saw the Pachuca game in the Fifa Clubs World Championship against ESS was going to be starting at around midnight, since it was being played in Japan. Bodog had Pachuca as -166 favorites on the ML but after doing some research online I figured it was going to be a close match, and I wasn't quite sure who to pick. I finally decided to go with ESS because they were having a great year in their domestic league while Pachuca has been struggling as of late. So the pick looked like this:

Single Bet

Etoile Sportive Du Sahel +375

Risked $5.00 to win $18.75

As it turned out, it was in fact a close match as it wasn't decided until the 85th minute, with ESS able to pull out a 1-0 win. So this picked me up from my earlier loses in the NBA and I decided to place one last bet before heading to bed:

Single Bet

Deportivo La Coruña +2 (-140)

Risked $7.00 to win $5.00

Ended up winning this one as well. Deportivo for some reason always manages to show up against Barcelona, and I knew they'd at least keep it close which they did, losing 2-1 but giving me the win with the spread.

So today I woke up around noon, too late to place any bets on some games I wanted to bet on in the NFL, so I guess I was lucky because I was planning on laying some money on the Cowboys, but they didn't cover.

In fact I didn't bet on the games later in the night either and instead had one play the whole day with the Mexican League Championship game. It was really going to be a coin toss between Pumas and Atlante, so I decided to pick Pumas just because Bodog was giving even money on them.

Single Bet


Risked $5.00 to win $5.00

It was really a fun game to watch and it looked like I was going to end up pushing but Atlante managed to score a beauty of a goal with 5 minutes to go. Oh well, can't win em' all.


So to summarize overall, after 5 bets I'm 2-3-0 and roughly +2 Units

The Bankroll now stands at $61.25

Total Profit :+$11.25

Not a lot of action happening tomorrow but I'll see if there's any smart plays on basketball and maybe a half unit bet on Monday Night Football. I'll update tomorrow night, if I do place any bets.


On a completely unrelated note I plan on attending school every single day for the rest of the year. Crazy huh? Let's see how THAT turns out!

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The Hero said...

Good luck with your bets and don't forget to go to school.