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Thursday, December 13, 2007

School Treath

So my school has been put on "high alert" after a threat that there would be a school shooting emerged earlier in the week. Now the school's gone crazy with a bigillion police cars outside and every single person entering the building getting searched. The threat specifically mentioned tomorrow, Friday the 14th, as the day the shooting is going to take place. So the school has decided to grant an excused absence to anyone who doesn't wish to show up tomorrow.

I however, will be there tomorrow morning, not only because I a 99% positive nothing is going to happen, but also because I just can't afford to miss any more school. So it should be an interesting day at school because so far, most of my friends have decided to stay home, not because they are actually worried something might happen, but because they just feel like being bums. I estimate about 30% of kids will actually show up tomorrow.


I had a decent day yesterday going 2-1 including a 2 team parlay:

Fifa Club World Cup 2 Team Parlay

Boca Juniors (-290)

AC Milan (-275)

Risked $10.00 to win $8.34


NBA Single Bet

Houston Rockets (-2.5)

Risked $5.50 to win $5.00

This game was crazy. With 0.8 seconds left the rockets lead is two and Yao is up at the line to shoot two. He needed to make one of the for them to cover, and after missing the first one I wanted to kick him in the face. I though it was over because I figured he'd intentionally miss the second shot so that time would run out during the rebound, but he actually made it!


UEFA Champions League Single Bet

PSV Eindhoven -.5 (+110)

Risked $5.00 to win $5.50

Not much to say here. I locked in the bet before knowing that PSV's squad would not be at full strength.


Also went to play some poker yesterday and I gotta say it was a hell lotta fun even though I ended up on the negative. I played two $50 SnGs. 1,500 in chips and 12 minute levels don't allow for much fancy play so you really have to gamble early. Don't really remember too many hands, but I ended up busting like 6th on that 1st one and then I played another one and busted out earlish on that one too. Like I said, with the stack sizes, you make one mistake and you're kinda left with no option but to push in the rest of your stack with any semi decent hand.

The positive was that I am beginning to feel a lot more comfortable at the table. Just the table dynamics and stuff like that felt really good, and the location was this beautiful room at the Holiday Inn that was just amazing in my opinion. It almost looked like a real casino floor, nothing compared to the shady ass place where the last event I attended was held.

Anyway, I plan on making another trip on the 27th, hopefully play some cash games, and if not then a bigger multi table tourney.


After 12 Picks: 6-6-0

Bankroll: $67.10

Total Profit: +$17.10

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