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Friday, December 14, 2007


So I ended up not going to school. I really wanted to, because like I said, I've already missed way to many days, but I went to sleep pretty late and when I woke up it was already like 10am, so I just went back to sleep. It's cool though because I heard so many students were absent that the teachers didn't really teach anything.

I ended up waking up around 1pm and then I just bummed around, surfing forums and analyzing the lines on Bodog. Came up with just one play for the night:

NBA 2 Team Teaser

Toronto Raports +8

Detroit Pistons -5.3

Risked $5.00 to win $5.00

Both covered relatively easy although I was at work so I didn't get to see the games.


Work was kinda shitty today because my guy Furcio came to work wasted as hell so he wasn't in the gambling mood all night. We did play poker for a little bit, but we ended up around even. Including that and a $5.00 game of conquian I played, I made a whopping $8.00 in gambling at work tonight.

I still haven't decided which NFL teams I'm going to play this week, because I haven't had time analyze the match ups just yet, but I should be able to have that done by tomorrow night.


After 13 Picks: 7-6-0 +4.3 Units

Bankroll: $72.10

Total Profit: +$22.10

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