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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HU Specialist No More...

I seem to have hit a small rush of bad luck when it comes to HU matches. (read " I went on tilt and busted my Full Tilt account) lol.

So I guess the poker Gods became angry at my cockiness because I felt indestructible in HU matches. So they decided to punish me with some sick coolers today. I just could not catch a break all morning. I had lost with sets over sets and my opponents kept hitting their two outers on the river. So i busted my tilt account. I would have probably ended up busting my Stars account as well but I had to leave for school lol.

I was going to try and bust my bust my Stars account when I got home from school by playing a game that I don't play often, at stakes that my Stars BR cannot support. But as much as I tried, I failed, lol. Turns out I'm actually "ok" in 5 card draw. Ha, who would have though. I spent a few minutes at a .25/.50 table playing mostly heads up and somehow I managed to double my bankroll instead of going broke.

Oh well, I guess that means more inevitable suffering in this game I like to call poker.


Yesterday I went to my school's first home basketball game, which turned out to be quite fun. But only because my friend Furcio and I had money riding on all kinds of crazy bets. First of all we bet on the game straight up, and needless to say, we suck at handicapping games but we somehow came up with a line that had our school a 25 point favorite over the rival school.

This is how we came up with the spread:

Me: Dude, do you think you guys are going to win today?

Guy on Team: Hell yea man, we're going to kill them by like 50 points.

lol We though 50 points was a big of s stretch so we decided to make it 25. My friend took the other team -25 and I took out school +25. Here's some more of the action I had on the game (green bets are the ones I won) :

-Rival school would score first

-Saif would miss his first shot

-Kinsler would score over 19pts. (He ended up scoring 19 so it was a push)

-Danny would score less than 4 pts in the 3rd quarter.

-Total score for our school would be less than 90.

lol Our school ended up crushing the other team like 78-10, so we were way off on the spread we came up with, but it was our first time handicapping so it wasn't too bad. Aside from the bets above we also kept betting on whether a team would score in a certain possession or if free throws would be made or missed. We ended up coming up around even for the whole game, but it was still fun, knowing we had some action riding on almost every play.


So I've still got that $50 freeze out single table tomorrow at the charity casino, and my guy Furcio decided to come with. Only problem is he's still underaged, so the plan is for me to buy him some casino chips and then use those to pay for the tourney entry instead of straight up cash. Hopefully they'll assume he already got carded at the cage so they won't card him again at the table.

I really wanna hope I have a good run of cards tomorrow and hopefully I can take it down for a nice $300. And if not me, at least my guy Furcio.

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