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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello Fall

Okay so technically its not really fall yet, but it sure feels like it with the Labor Day weekend, and football season kicking off on Thursday. I don't really mind it since unlike previous years, I don't have to dread going back to school. I'll welcome the cooling off in the weather and the scenic foliage of Chicago autumns.

The weekend went by pretty quickly although I didn't get out or do much. I had an ugly 1-3 day on Saturday in football and soccer plays with my only win coming via Paper Chaser's suggestion on taking USC. I spent most of the weekend on my Xbox 360. I picked up copies of FIFA 08 (which I previously had but my dog Chase scratched badly)and a copy of Call of Duty 4 which I'd been meaning to get for a while now. COD4 has been pretty awesome so far. I've been going trough the single player campaign but I haven't played online a lot yet cause I'm still a noob and keep getting owned by everyone.

Saturday night I played the $33 10K Guaranteed on PokerStars on a stake from an FCPer. I went semi-deep in that ending 49th out of 432 entries for $60.91. It would have been fucking awesome to final table that bitch. First place was like $2,400.


I've updated my record to reflect the 1-3 day on Saturday from plays that I didn't post.

Here are the plays for tonight. Let's get lucky just ONE TIME!

Cubs -1.5

Brewers -1.5

Red Sox -1.5

Twins -0.5

2 Team Parlay: Revolution & Chivas USA


Day Profit: -$21.43

Day Record: 1-4

Total Record: 103-116-6

Bankroll: $88.12

Total Profit: -$111.88


vtn said...

gl man. i like those picks.

The Hero said...

How do you get staked by FCP'ers? That's legit, lol.

ALWAYS BET USC. They usually go about 9-2 against the spread.. except for last year, lol.