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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jack on the River

I got to the casino yesterday around 4:30 and got on the 1/2NL list. I was kind of regretting going when I was on my way there because I wasn't feeling good at all. Runny nose, slight headache and a sore throat. But for some reason as soon as I got there I was feeling much better.

Anyway, fifteen minutes later a seat opened up and I sat down with $200.

Played my first big hand when a player in early position raised it to $8. Two other callers and myself in the small blind with pocket eights. Flop comes 8-5-J I lead out for $15. The preflop raiser, this old man who I swear to you had to be about 95 years old, mini raises to $30. Folds to me and he's got like $50 behind so I push. He insta calls with QQ. Of course the turn has to be a sweat card when he catches a flush draw but the river bricks and I drag in a nice pot.

The rest of the way I was playing a very tight game. Some guy to my left even commented on how tight I was playing. I was able to exploit that image when I got in a hand against him when all I had was a flush draw on the turn and made a big bet. He folds and tells me he knows I made my flush. Okay, sure I'll take it.

I felt like I was really playing well and don't remember making any "bad decisons." I was getting paid with my monster hands and getting away from hands like TPTK where it was clear I was beat. Got paid off with Aces, Kings and a set of 10s all for nice pots. The only real bad beat I took the whole night was when I had AQ in late position and raised it up to $12. I got 4 callers and the flop came J-10-K. Weeeeeee! I'm feeling good and thinking about how to maximize value on the hand. It checks around to me and I bet $20. Player to my left calls, another guy folds and another one goes all in for $38 total so $18 more to me. I then tank a bit and decide whether or not I want the guy on me left in the pot. In hindsight I probably should have just called, but I went all in instead. Then the guy to my left asks the dealer if I'm allowed to raise in that spot since the player who went all in didn't make a complete raise. Dealer says I'm okay to raise though (I think he was wrong) and the guy tanks for like 2 minutes asking me if I want him to call. He finally folds telling me had Q-10 or something like that. So the guy who went all in flips over J-10.

I've got an 80% lock on the flop and a 90% lock after a brick turn. Yes, you know where this is going. Ugly Jack on the river cracks my nut straight with his full house. It hurt, but I realized I got lucky that he was so short stacked before the hand started with around $50. I could have lost alot more if he was deep stacked cause I was sitting with like $350 myself.

Anyway, I felt a bit of tilt coming so I walked away from the table and went to buy an orange juice. When I got back I was feeling much better and kept playing my A game. Won a ton of small pots and was ready to call it a night when I got involved in yet another hand with the dude who cracked my straight. Don't remember the preflop action but we find ourselves heads up on a flop of K-8-3 he bets out like $15 and I call with K-6. Turn is another King. I bet out $25, he asks if I have the King, then raises to $50. I really hate my kicker at this point but call the extra $25. River is a Queen, for a board of K-8-3-K-Q. I check hoping he checks behind but instead he goes all in for like $100. I proceed to tank for about 2 minutes hating myself for getting myself involved in the hand. I make the crying call expecting to see AK. Nope. He flips over K-5 and we chop it up. Bastard! I actually had the best hand heading into the river, lol.

I felt releaved to chop it up though. It woulda sucked big time to lose that one that late into my session. It was also a sign to get the hell outta there, lol.

I ended up cashing out for $463.

Nice profit of +$263. Not bad for about 3 hours worth of work.


Tonight's Picks:

NY Yankees -1.5

Tampa Bay -1.5

Day Profit: +$2.25

Day Record: 1-1

Total Record: 117-127-7

Bankroll: $101.34

Total Profit: -$98.66


vtn said...

it might be to time to leave the sportsbook and head over to the poker tables hah.

crookedlink said...

lol my thoughts exactly but the degenerate within me just can't phantom not betting on sports even if i suck at it, haha.