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Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Karma

Another good day today with the baseball picks going 2-0. Hope to keep the good run going throughout the weekend.

I've been running pretty shitty in poker though. The cards have been falling ice cold so I decided to take a little break from playing and instead staked some players from FCP last night.

I staked 3 players in a Stars $4.40 180-man, and one of them actually won the damn thing. He had a huge lead starting heads up but then got crippled when his two pair went down against a straight. He was down to like 30k to his opponent's 200k.I thought meh, 2nd place money isn't too bad. But he somehow made a ninja comeback and won the tourney.

First place money was $206 so he shipped back $108. $108 minus the $13.20 I invested on staking the 3 guys came out to a profit of +$95. I can't tell you how huge $95 is to my poker roll right now which now sits at around $270 and I'll continue to grind it out in 10NL and $6.60 shorthanded sngs.


Boston -1.5

LA Angels -1.5


Day Profit: +$11.50

Day Record: 2-0

Total Record: 101-109-6

Bankroll: $124.30

Total Profit: -$75.70

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