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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Division Clincher

Cubs -1.5

Brewers -1.5

Rangers -1.5

Colorado -1.5

3 Game Parlay: -Monterrey (Pick) -Santos (Pick) -Chivas (Pick)


Day Profit: -$25.59

Day Record: 0-5

Total Record: 120-133-7

Bankroll: $90.00

Total Profit: -$110.00


vtn said...

those are the new york rangers right? hah.

i'm with you on the 1st two.

CrookedLink said...

lol nope. TEXAS Rangers =)

I'll take Padilla's 13-7 record against Moseley's 2-4.

CrookedLink said...

I am kinda regretting the Brewers pick though.

Sabathia's been worked like a horse all year, and he's on 3 days rest.

But we'll see...

vtn said...

bad bad bad bad bad!