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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mexico vs. Canada

Wish me luck boys and girls. I don't see Mexico losing this game but anything can happen.

Mexico -0.5 (-350)

Risking $69.09 to win $19.74


Running Blog:

7:18 PM: I'm going to be keeping a running blog during the game just because I feel like it. I'm at work right now but I'll be able to watch the game on (great source for live sporting events).

7:23 PM: Kick off time is at 8:00PM so it'll be another 35 minutes or so before the game starts. I was checking out the lineup for the Mexican squad and two noticeable absences to keep an eye on are going to be Pardo and Salcido. Pardo got injured in the game against Jamaica and Salcido accumulated 2 yellow cards. They're both intergral parts of the team but Mexico should still come away with a victory tonight.

7:34 PM: I'm glad I didn't wait til the last minute to put in my bet for tonight. The line has jumped from -350 up to -600. Good job me. =)

7:39 PM: I'm trying to get more action on this game on FCP using my poker bankroll, but no one is biting...yet.

7:44 PM: I'm currently negotiating odds with an FCPer. He is asking for 6-1 odds (which like I said, is what the line at is now) and I counter-offered with 4.5 to 1. I'm awaiting his response.

7:56 PM: Just about ready for kick off and I got another huge bet with an FCPer. I gave him 5.5 to 1 odds. I'm risking $275 to win $50 from him. This is bad. I shouldn't have done it. It will cripple both my Poker and my Sports betting accounts if Mexico loses this game, lol.


8:55 PM: Halftime. Quite the game we have here. Mexico had complete domination throughout the first have but failed to capitalize. Canadians had only one or two shots on goal while Mexicans keep playing down the wings but were missing that key guy up front that could punish the Canadians in the air.

10:05PM: Okay, so the running blog didn't exactly materialize the way I thought it would. The plan was to keep updating throughout the game but that proved impossible because I had 3 or 4 guys huddled around my laptop trying to watch the game. Anyway, important thing is that MEXICO WON! Yes sir! It wasn't as easy a victory as I thought it'd be though. But Mexico finally broke trough in the 58th minute on a header by Bravo and then Marquez made it 2-0 with another header off a corner kick. Mexico seemed to be cruising 2-0 until Canada made it an interesting finish by scoring in the 77th minute. The Mexicans held on though and shipped the 2-1 victory. Including the $50 from the FCPer, a total profit of +$69.74 for the night but of course only a profit of +$19.74 will go on the record since the other bet was made with my poker bankroll and the money will be deposited into my Full Tilt account.


Day Profit: +$19.74

Day Record: 1-0

Total Record: 109-121-6

Bankroll: $88.83

Total Profit: -$111.17