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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Limited or No Connectivity

"Limited or No Connectivity." That's the message I keep getting on my computer at home. Then it goes away for like 5 minutes and comes back on disabling me from accessing any websites. I've tried a lot of things like resetting my modem and shit. What I haven't done is call up AT&T cause I hate being on hold forever but I guess I'll have to end up doing that.

Anyway, yea so haven't been able to blog consistently because of this or play any poker. I did have two plays the last couple of days though. I had the Cubs -1.5 both on Tuesday and Wednesday and hit on both as my Cubbies swept the Brewers to take a 5 game lead in the NL Central.

So the bankroll is up to $95.45 which I'm pretty happy about, considering it was around $55 around a week ago. I'm hoping to get it back over $100 this weekend with some smart soccer picks.


I went to see The Dark Knight today and was not expecting anything great because every time my friends tell me of "the best freakin movie ever" I end up leaving the theater very disappointed. Thankfully this was not the case today, as the movie just simply rocked. So awesome on many levels and hands down the best superhero movie of all time and its not even close. Heath Ledger as The Joker was just masterful.


I also went to Gigio's today to have a talk with my boss. My friend Furcio is quitting pretty soon (3 weeks?) so I told my boss I would take over his shifts. He was delighted with this and offered me a raise since he doesn't have to go trough the trouble of hiring someone new and training him. I could definitely use the extra cash since I want to finally start saving up for a car. My sister wants to transfer me her 2006 Pontiac G6 but I think this may be to much for my first car and with monthly payments plus gas and insurance it wouldn't leave me with much spending money.

Instead I'd like to save up at least 4k and buy myself something a little older. Wouldn't mind going with a good old 98 Civic. It seems a Civic is just about every teen's first car.

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The Hero said...

My connection has been f'd up too.