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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soccer Parlay

Been kind of busy the last couple of days with some cousins from Houston in town for Lollapalooza so I've been driving them around and what not.

I also had to work yesterday, with a shitty run in poker and blackjack ending the day -$13. There's this new guy playing with us. He's name's Curtis and he's the son of Malik, one of the cooks at Gigio's. He was watching us play and my friend Furcio convinced him to play with us even though I told him not to cause I thought he was going to suck and I didn't want to take his money,lol. But turns out dude can hold his own and he actually pulled out about even at the end.

Furcio was the big winner of the night leaving with around a $30 profit which were mainly from me and a driver named Alex.

I've got work again today, so I shall try to make some of that money back from him.


So tonight I'm just going with a 3 game parlay that pays 2-1 since these are all big favorites. Ya'll know I suck at parlays but I just couldn't resist. Good luck me, I guess.

3 Game Parlay-

Monterrey (-0.5)

Pachuca (Pick)

Atlas (Pick)

Risking 5.42 to win $10.53


Day Profit: -$5.42

Day Record: 0-1

Total Record: 78-89-3

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