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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7.21 Break Even Session

I had a brutal 5 hour 400 hand session last night. I started off 2-tabling because I had a bit of success doing so the night before but this time around things were not going so well. I just couldn't focus with two tables and was making sloppy plays. I finally decided to 1 table it when I was already down like 1.5 buy ins.

But as soon as I began playing just one table I felt like I had a bit more control of the table and was able to focus more and get some reads on my opponents especially because I was using HUD stats.
The most I was down on the night was around $17 but I slowly grinded my way back. I started playing at 3:30 am and by 8:30 am I finally got lucky for once and won a big pot that put me in the black for the session with a profit of $3.50. I'll take it.

Here's the hand that put me in the black.

Big time suck out.

Yea, I sucked out big time and I probably should have folded pre-flop. I mean what's he going to jam all his stack in there with? I was trying to get some info from him on the chat but he wasn't responding, lol. I asked him if he would show if I folded and he said no. I made the reluctant call and made the suckout of the night.

Here's the session's graph:

After I won the pot I kinda pulled a hit and run but I was just to tired to keep playing.


Anway I finally went to sleep at around 9:00am and woke up at Too late to bet on most baseball games but I'm making a couple of plays on the Cubs game.

Cubs -0.5

Cubs v. Arizona Under 9.5


Day Profit: -$10.00

Day Record: 0-2

Total Record: 52-75-2

Bankroll: $73.25

Total Profit: -$126.75

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Anonymous said...

Suck out was gross lol but meh, it happens.

Hey, how do you obtain a graph like that?

Keep up the good work.