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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Saturday

I haven't blogged the last couple of days because my internet connection at home has been acting up. Sometimes its working great (like now) other times it stops working completely and sometimes only certain websites work. It's beginning to get really frustrating.

Because of this I also haven't been putting in any cash sessions on PokerStars although I did play four $5.25 Heads Up SnGs last night and went 3-1 which was pretty cool.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day as far as sports betting today. Starting the day the bankroll stood at $54.11 after a 1-2 baseball day on Thursday on plays I didn't post here.

I had a pretty huge card today with baseball, soccer and even a boxing fight, lol.


Cruz Azul -0.5

Atlas -0.5

Tecos v. Indios Under 2.5

Baltimore -0.5

San Diego -0.5

Rockies v. Reds Under 10.5

Arizona -0.5

Antonio Margarito +190

Day Profit: +$16.86

Day Record: 6-2

Total Record: 70-83-2

Bankroll: $70.97

Total Profit: -$129.03


I really needed a winning day. Man, it would have been sweet to hit the Cruz Azul pick though, and they should have won the game but fucking Sabah missed a penalty kick two minutes into the game. Blah, can't complain with a 6-2 day though.

The Margarito v. Cotto fight I was initially going to to with the Puerto Rican Cotto who was a good favorite to win the match, but I decided to back my fellow Mexican Margarito instead which paid off nicely although I bet it kinda small since I don't know shit about boxing in general. The only reason I placed the bet was because there was so much action on this fight at my work place.

Speaking of work, I had a good gambling night there as well on Friday. My friend Furcio and I have been teaching the other guys how to play 5 card draw poker and I had a nice rush of cards. I also ran good in blackjack and ended the night +$57.

So that's about it. Hope to have another good day betting sports tomorrow and will try to update if my fucking internet decides to work.