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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hating Sports Bets and Lovin' Poker

God I suck at sports betting. Had a horrible day today although not surprising since I basically bet the biggest afternoon dogs looking to get a little lucky. Nope. Went an ugly 1-4

San Diego -0.5

Oakland -0.5

Pittsburgh -0.5

Minnesota -0.5

Cleveland -0.5


Day Profit: -$13.90

Day Record: 1-4

Total Record: 53-79-2

Bankroll: $59.35

Total Profit: -$140.65

Being down $40 after less than a week is definitely worrisome so I'm just hoping that I can pick it up a bit when the Mexican Soccer League starts this weekend.

What I have been doing alright in is Poker. Yesterday I decided to play 6 max instead of full ring but I quickly dropped 1.5 Buy Ins. I was tilting a bit so I chilled for a bit then decided to play a $6.60 6max SnG instead. I love these man, I've had good results in them and after having played cash games so much for the past few days, tournament poker kind of felt easier for some reason. Anyway I ended up winning the SnG which helped recoup my cash game losses and then some.

I decided to put in another 6max session tonight and ran pretty good over ~150 hands cashing out for almost a full buy in.

Here's the graph:

That goofy downswing around hand 113 was me trying to bluff off a short stack with AQ in a 6699 board. He'd raised preflop and I put him on two overs and figured I could push him off the hand but he woke up with 77 and I double'd him up. No biggie, I grinded my way back picking up small pots.

No real interesting hands I can remember except for this one.

I flop a straight and slow play it by just calling on the flop but the turn brings a horrible card for me. I still decide to bet it and get insta-called which has me worried. The river is another ugly card putting a four flush on board. I check and my opponent bets $2.50. I tanked for a while and was so close to folding but say "aww fuck it" and call thinking I'd get beat my a tiny club. Nope, opponent had AQ no club and I drag in a nice pot.

I've also been using HUD stats a little more to exploit my opponent's weaknesses more and more and make better decisions. Today for example I noticed a guy was folding to a re-raise on the flop 100% of the time! And it was over a decent size sample of around 80 hands or so. So I start to three bet him with air on flops and getting him to fold a ton. I also used the stats to help find leaks in my game as well. I noticed I was folding to continuation bets way to often so I started calling light and making moves on the turn which worked out quite nicely.

Alright High Stakes Poker is on so I'm off to watch that!

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