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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad Comeback

I've been MAJORLY dragging on the blog cause I've had a lot of shit going on none of which was "gambling related" but I'm back and ready to make some money. Or lose it, whatever. I'll definitely be updating the blog daily though.

Let's start off with the sports betting. Haven't made a pick since who knows when and my record looks awful Haven't even really been following baseball at all, which is about the only sport to bet on during the summer. Have no clue who's hot and who's not so definitely going to have to do some reading up to catch up. In the meantime I'm going to ride with Paper Chaser's picks and hope he's pretty money with those. Started off on the wrong foot today going 0-2 but definitely felt like they were the right picks. Zambrano on the mound for the Cubbies, I'll put my money on that any day. And Detroit got off to a 6-0 lead in the 1st and were still hanging on in the 9th by a run but they blew it and lost in extras.

But I'm still going to follow his picks for a while and add maybe one or two plays of my own each day and hopefully start the slow steady climb out of the $100 hole and get back in the black.


Detroit -0.5

Cubs -0.5

Day Profit: -$10.00

Day Record: 1-1

Total Record: 51-70-2

Bankroll: $90.00

Total Profit: -$110.00

I'm also going to be putting in a TON of time into online poker. I started the grind today and it wasn't pretty. I just got done with a grueling 4 hour session ending the night down 2 Buy Ins. I started off okay, playing pretty tight and floating around even for a while until this hand came up, which put me on major tilt.

With his pre-flop call of my re-raise I had to put him on something like AJ-AK so the flop looks pretty safe for my JJ. I turn a boat and have him drawing to a one outter. Obviously the river puts quads in the board and his fucking Ace high drags in the biggest pot I'd played up to that point.

Very next hand I lose the rest of my shortstack when I slow play top pair and my opponent rivers a straight. I was tilting so much so I took a short break but then rebought again. Things started off pretty nicely the second time around and was up half a buyin after the first hand. But after that I kinda just went card dead a little bit and lossend up my play a little too much which ended up costing me the second buy in.

Still feel like I had some good spots. I got my money in as a favorite for the most part.

Also played a 200FFP satellite for tomorrow's 100k Guaranteed. LOL, top 6 places paid and I busted in like 8th with my A10 going down to KQ with a King on the river. It was just that kind of night...

I also downloaded a trial version of Poker Tracker 3 which should help immensely in finding leaks in my game. I was having some trouble setting it up at first so I my HHs for tonight's session weren't captured but I'll be posting graphs of most of my sessions from now on.

Apart from that, I also picked up a copy of Harrington on Cash Games. The Harrington on Hold Em' series got amazing reviews from the poker community and I'd been hearing the Cash Game series was just as good so I forked over the $35. I just starte reading it but I can see how it's definitely going to help me with my game. I just got done with reading the general stuff like pot odds and shit like that and I'm now anxious about getting into the deeper stuff like pot control and just post flop play in general.

So that's about it. Not a good day in poker or sports betting but looking forward to putting in another long session tomorrow and get some results.

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vtn said...

those baseball picks should of hit!

sorry to get you off on the wrong foot. i might have to copy your picks cause i'm hella cold right now.