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Monday, June 2, 2008

Senior Pranks

So last night my friend advises me "Dude, when you're at school tomorrow make sure not to touch the railing on the main stairway"

Okay...part of his elaborate Senior prank, I suppose.

So I get to school late, around 9:30 and check the railing. Seems perfectly normal to me.

I see my friend during lunch.

"Dude wtf? There's nothing on the railing..."

"I know dude, I'm going to do it right now. I'm waiting for it to clear out"

"What exactly are you going to do to it?"

"I'm going to smear the whole thing with vaseline"


"It's going to be funny as hell!"


So after lunch I check and there's still nothing on the railing. Well it is a little greasy, but surely this isn't the full effect is it?

I go down to find my friend in the lunchroom.

"Dude please don't tell me that's it."

"There's been complications. People keep coming up and down the stairs. I was only able to do the third floor"

"I just checked the third floor. It's perfectly normal except for two spots where there's big gunks of vaseline. Is that it?"

"I guess"


So tomorrow there's another one planned out. My friend Andrew ordered a shipment of a shitload of superballs which will be dropped down the stairs from the third floor. Should be somewhat amusing I guess? I'll bring my camera to capture some video/pictures and post them up tomorrow night.

There's also another prank that I'm not sure is going to take place. Northside has this thing where, instead of bells ringing during the end of each period, we get music blasting from the intercoms. Each week students submit CDs of the music they want to listen to for that particular week and after its been approved by administration is gets played for during passing periods.

Someone thought it would be funny if instead of music, what we hear tomorrow during passing period is a series of uh...sexually explicit sounds? I don't know how they plan to surpass the administration that reviews the music before being played, so I doubt this one will happen.

All in all a very weak selection of pranks in my opinion, but then again I don't see me coming up with anything better so whatever.

I also ordered my Senior shirt today. It was a last minute design thrown together by Ona as an alternative to the official school Senior shirt which was even lamer. The administration wouldn't let this be our official shirt because of the Corona thing. They had the same problem with last year's shirts that read "Senior High Life" with the Miller High Life logo on them.

On an unrelated note, I went 3-5 today in our softball game with 4 rbis but with a couple, lets just call them "defensive miscues," including a ground ball that took a funny hop and hit me right on my left nut. Still hurts...

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