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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Poker Sunday

Damn it, once again I keep neglecting this blog although this time I have been pretty busy. Thursday I took decided to hit up the casino and got murdered. Well, not really murdered, more like roughed up a little.

I bought in for $150 at 1/2NL and immediately lose like $30 on my first hand where I sense that my top pair top kicker is no good and I have to throw it away on the river. Then for the next couple of hours I just keep hitting zero flops and before I know it I'm down to about $60 in chips. Time for a seat change! I move to seat 5 and on the 2nd hand of my new seat I get AhJh and limp in middle position with a couple of limpers behind me. Cut off makes it 10 to go and it folds around to me so I make the call. Flop comes 7 J 10 with one heart and I lead out for $12. Opponent thinks and calls. Turn is a blank heart, giving me the nut flush draw. I bet out $17 and again he just calls. River is a sweet heart giving me the nuts. I think for a bit and bet out $25. My opponent immediately moves all in and I call him instantly. I turn turn over my cards and I guess he misread my hand because he flips over pocket jacks for a set, thinking its the best hand until someone informs him that I have a flush. Ouch! I pretty much went runner runner on his ass, but that's what he gets for slow playing a flopped set like that, lol.

From that hand on, I went on a small rush and managed to build my stack all the way to $280ish, just playing very tight and getting paid off when I had a hand. But then, disaster struck. I don't even know how the hell it happened, but after I built my stack I started to make some loose calls and before I knew it, my stack was again back to $100. A couple of coolers later I was down to $50 and just decided to call it a night.

I felt like shit on the drive home, because I changed my playing style when I started to build my stack but I shouldn't have done that. If playing tight against this table was working, why change my approach?

Anyway, yea felt bad for a while about the session and went into one of those "holy shit I suck at poker, I'm going to quit for life" moments before snapping out of it. Now I can't wait to go back next week and get my money back.

Okay, anyway so today my friend Furcio and I are hosting a poker game in my garage. It's sort of an End of the School year kind of thing so it's mostly people from school that suck at poker. I really don't plan on taking it seriously and I'm just looking to have some fun. I had to wake up early as hell this morning to clean out the garage and now I'm waiting for my guy Furcio to pick me up so we can go buy some snacks for the game. The drinks have already been provided by Gigio's Pizzeria... altought unbeknown to Gigio's management, lol.

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