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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, it's happened folks. A blogger's worst nightmare has come true.

The "ex" has gotten a hold of my blog and was not happy about some stuff I posted a while back. Specifically about me writing about our breakup with what she called a "nonchalant" attitude.

And it's funny because I've actually tried to keep this blog as gambling oriented as possible without leaking too much about my personal shit. But I guess there were a couple of post a few months ago where I really wasn't worried about what I wrote because no one really read my shit.

Then the Crooked Straight picked up my blog and in order to help promote the site, I started linking the Crooked Straight to my other sites like Facebook and Myspace, which in turn opened up my blog for all my friends to see.

Anyway, the ex is probably reading this post as well so a shout out to her!

See, even though what I wrote a while back could have potentially ruined our friendship, we were both mature enough to realize that it would be silly to argue over something that really doesn't matter now. So we remain good friends. =)


On a completely unrelated note, my family decided to get a dog. It's a puppy actually. An 8 week old Beagle and just about the most adorable little punk. My parents brought him home a week ago. A bit of a debate stirred up about what to name him. Of course, my degenerate self wanted to name him something that was gambling related. Parlay, teaser and Ace were just a few of my suggestions I threw out there but they were quickly shot down by my sisters.

So we settled on Chase which it turns out could not have been a more fitting name. Dude will start to chase you around the house as soon as you walk in the door and just does not tire out.

Here's a couple of pictures:


vtn said...

solid name. chase. paper chaser.

works out for everybody hah. i got raped last night for $40.

The Hero said...

That's a cute ass dog. BTW, this will not be your first time getting busted on the net, be careful bruh. I've been caught up on the net several times and it's never pretty. Peace.