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Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up...

I haven't blogged in a while because not much has been going on. Summer's been treating me alright, I guess. Haven't really been doing the gambling thing for the last couple of weeks. I was extremely lucky that Rommel from work didn't want to bet on the Cubs v. Sox series this weekend as I could have potentially lost around $500 if he'd actually had the balls to bet me that much like he said he would a few weeks ago. But after sweeping them at Wrigley last week, he quickly changed his mind.

I did lose $25 on the Italy vs. Spain Euro-Cup Semifinals. Had Italy and the game ended up going all the way to a penalty shootout which is pretty much a coin flip. I didn't feel too bad about that loss though, since I'd won $25 off the same dude a few weeks ago on the Champions League final that also ended up going to PKs.

Something I have been doing a lot of lately is gaming on my Xbox 360. My Xbox Live free month trial expired a week ago so I finally had to fork over the $50 for a one year subscription. I also picked up a copy of Fifa 08 and I've got to say it's the most addicting game ever. The online play is just so much fun it's insane.

I've only had the game for a week but I've already been crushing the games online. Record thus far is 15-4 and I'm already a level 3 player. I've chosen Milan as my regular team since it's proven to be successful for me. Out of the 4 matches that I lost, I blame 2 on a bad connection on the other player's part that simply made the game unplayable because of the lag and another one where I decided to take a shot and challenge a level 8 player and got beat 2-0. I think that's the only game where I truy felt I was outplayed yet was able to keep it a modest 2-0 loss.

Anyway, the game's addicting as hell and I really want to make a run at the leaderboards so I'm going to be putting in some mad time into it. My goal for friday is to reach at least level 6 if not higher and mantain a winning percentage over 70%, (currently it's 78%.)

With all this, I'd also been trying to figure out a way to combine my love for video games and passion for gambling. Then, as if my prayers had been answered, I get a message yesterday from someone on Xbox Live telling me to check out

Its esentially a poker website without the poker. Instead, you load up your account with real money trough Pay Pal, credit card etc, much like you would a poker account. Then issue challenges to other players for any amount of money. You guys play the match, the results get reported to the site, and the money is either credited or withdrawn from your balance.

Wow, wait a minute. I could have sworn I though of this idea back in like 2005. Back then I was crushing Fifa 06 on the PS2 and wishing I could somehow make money off it. So this same exact concept entered my mind and I did nothing with it. Let it be known I WILL be contacting my local intellectual properties specialist!

Ha, anyway I will still however be opening an account with these sly bastards who stole my idea and try to make some money playing Fifa 08. But I'm going to wait until I've reached a gaming level at which I think I have a good edge over the average gamer. A level 10 ranking sounds about right.


So I haven't been playing poker all that much latelyand actually missed out on a couple of home games this past weekend because of work. Also Rockford Charitables, the local charity casino I usually visit is on a 1 month haitus because of the WSOP which leaves me with limited live play options. There's another 18+ charity casino group called Chicago Charitable Games that also runs around the suburbs but the problem is their events are usually 1hour or more away.

But they're holding a very intersting series of tournaments throughout late July being dubbed the Chicago Series of Poker so I might just have to make the drive out to some of the events. The tournaments that catch my eye as of right now are the $150 Heads Up tournament and the $400 Main Event, with a potential dive in the $100 Hold Em' crapshoot as well.

Also, another $4.40 challenge is starting up at FCP and I'm undecided about whether I want to play it or not. Registration ends on July 5th, so I've still got the week to make up my mind. Last challenge I ran like shit and was doubling up with a partner so I only played half the tournies. I think I'll stick to a solo flight if I decide to play this one.

I did manage to put in a good micro limit session on Stars last night just for kicks. Ended the night up one buyin at $10NL. I'm thinking of really putting down some effort into trying to improve my cash game play by purchasing Poker Tracker 3. Everyone on FCP swears by it if you are serious about tracking your results and moving up in limits. But this is still a little farther down the road. By the end of summer perhaps, I'll save up to have a decent starting roll and put alot of study into cash game play.

I'll end this unusually long blog with a congrats to Scotty Nguyen for taking down the $50k HORSE tournament aka the Pro's Championship. I obviously wanted either Ivey or Daniel to win it. Daniel especially because it seemed like he REALLY wanted to win it by the way he was talking about it all the way back in his early blogs before the series even started. Not to say Phil or any of the other players didn't want it just as bad though. I was railing the action up until like 5am and they were still 3 handed when I went to sleep.

Ivey's chances of winning a bracelet are really becoming very weak now although he did hustle people into bracelet bets which included the European World Series of Poker, so he's still got a shot.

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