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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Morning Tilt

I'm on major tilt right now after playing online for a couple of hours. I've played 2 $6.60s and a $10 HU and have gotten owned in all of them.

The first $6.60 I was out in like the 4th hand where I misplayed AK and ran it into Aces. Then the second one, I grinded a short stack back to a decent amount only to again misplay my 8c9h in a 4h 6h 8h flop. My opponent had me crushed with kh 8x.

The HU match was also a major grind. It lasted something like 45 minutes with each of us just going back and forth with the chip lead until finally I got bored and called an all in with QJ and ran into AK. AKx flop and gg me.

I'm down $23.70 thus far so I'll probably take a break and fire up some $4.40s later tonight.

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vtn said...

no more pickings?