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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've been bleeding badly online the last few days. Running into so many coolers and bad beats but overall just playing like shit. Pic up top is one example of how bad I've been running. Down to 3 people in an SnG (2 places pay) dude min-raises to 200 on the SB and I call on the BB with 7-10. I hit a monster flop making trip sevens a 97% favorite to win the pot. It goes check check and the turn comes a King. I fire off 300 and he insta-shoves for like 1k more. It's an insta-call by me obviously but he catches a disgusting King on the river to give me the endearing bubble boy title.

Then I tilted off a buy in at 10NL and a couple more $10 HU matches.

I decided not to play today and instead staked some FCPers into a couple of tournies in search of good karma but none of them managed to cash.

I also ran like shit in blackjack at work yesterday and lost $22. So overall not the greatest of gambling weeks. And that's with no sports bets as well although I will get back into that in the next week or so.

Furcio and I were at work yesterday discussing a hand that we played at our poker game last Sunday were he ended up felting me. We were playing $.10c/.25c NL and I had about $30 in front of me and limp in with 5-6 off. He raises on the button and as soon as he said raise I just felt he had a big hand. I don't know what it was exactly, but his demeanor told me he had a monster. It was actually a specific physical tell that he gave away but I can't go much into detail since he occasionally browses my blog, lol.

Anyway I STILL decide to call his pre-flop raise hoping to hit the flop and I do. It comes J-5-6 with two diamonds. I bet out like $3 dollars with my two pair, he raises and I move all in.

The all in move by me was definitely questionable. He was about the only player at the table to have almost as many chips as me (he had like $25) but he was also the only dude at the table besides myself who knew what the hell he was doing. So for him to re-raise me on the flop I knew he had to have a big hand. So if my pre-flop read on him was correct he had to have QQ-AA. Sure he could also have JJ but having played with him a ton before, I knew he wouldn't have re-raised me on the flop with a set of Jacks even though 2 diamonds where out there. He would have just slow played it.

Anyway I soon as I announce all in he's like "Aw fuck dude come on man, I can't lay this down. I have to call."

So my read was right on as he had A-A and I was a 75% to win the pot, but of course a J has to hit on the turn to counterfeit my two pair giving him Aces and Jacks. I could have still won with a 5 or 6 on the river but I brick out.

So anyway back to yesterday when him and I are discussing the hand. He keeps insisting that his call of my all in on that flop was not a bad play and although secretly I agree with him (I probably wouldn't have folded AA in that spot either) I continue to needle him for the rest of the day telling him it was a horrible call. I kept giving him shit like "Hey dude whatever. Keep putting in all your money as a 25% underdog. See how far that gets you" And he would respond with "Yea man, keep calling my pre-flop raises with garbage hands like 5-6 off." LOL, it was all in good fun though, but I took this picture on my phone at work today which I plan on sending to him.