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Monday, February 4, 2008

2nd Royal and Taqueria El Chorrito

I've been playing online poker for almost a full year now and I'd never ever gotten a royal flush until last week, and now I hit another one yesterday, lol. That's pretty funny I would say. I go a year without one and then get two in less than a week. And both times I managed to get the most value out of it. Sure, I finished out of the money in the tourney, but hey, I got my royal!

Oh yea, so I lost a lot of money in the Super Bowl yesterday ($195.) The only bets I won were the under and the coin flip, lol. But man, what a game! Especially the 4th quarter. How the hell did Eli manage to get outta that sure sack, and then for him to just launch it in the air and have David Tyree catch it was so sick. Definitely one of the most intense 4th quarters in Super Bowl history, I would venture to say. And yea I lost money, but I actually don't mind Eli and the Giants winning it. They outplayed the Patriots who I think came to this game with a little bit of an arrogant side to them so whatever, congrats to the Giants!


Ok, I've never done one of these before but I decided I'd do a restaurant review today. See, I woke up today and I drove to my usual Coffee shop place that's got free wireless internet. This is where I usually come to chill and play some poker. Well, when I got there it was still closed. They probably stayed open later than usual for the Super Bowl party. Anyway I was a little hungry so I walked a couple of blocks to this Mexican place called Taqueria El Chorrito.

Now to start off, the place is small. It's a small shack with a small counter and a couple of tables. The place did look clean enough though, not grimy looking o anything, although the decor was a bit tacky with tons of valentines hearts hanging from the ceiling. I took a seat on one of the counter stools and scanned over the menu. Pretty standard choices for a Mexican restaurant.

It was till fairly early, probably around 10am so I was going to order some chilaquiles, a typical Mexican breakfast dish, but I've had some bad experiences with chilaquiles at other restaurants so I decided to lean another way. I ordered two chorizo con papas tacos and a flour quesadilla with chorizo.

The place was dead so I got my food pretty fast, and I was not impressed. For starters, the tacos were tasteless and somewhat cold. Presentation wise they were very unpleasant as well. It looked and tasted like something that I would have done at home myself in 3 minutes. I had higher hopes for the quesadilla and although a bit better than the tacos, still a disappointment. The chorizo was overcooked and again, no real flavor and not a whole lot better than what I could have done myself at home.

It took the better of me to try and finish my meal but I only managed to eat about half of it. My total came to $9.45. The only real positive comment I can say about the place was that the waitress was pretty cute. She was Mexican and a bit on the older side, but she had a body on her, which is the only reason I decided to leave a decent tip.

So again, overall, Taqueria El Chorrito, a big let down although I can't judge the whole place by a couple of tacos and a quesadilla. I'm sure there's something on the menu that I would find decent, but I won't be going back to find out.

Taqueria El Chorrito: 4/10

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