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Friday, February 22, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Bodog

It's really weird how I can get bored of poker and then decide to shift my attention to sports betting, and then that gets boring and I start to crave poker. I've played a lot of online poker the last couple of weeks because of the FCP challenge and although I still have a couple of tourneys left I think I'm going to take a break for a little bit.

So sports betting here I come. I really want to stop using Bodog for two reasons. Number one, they keep giving me shit when ever I try to make a deposit saying I have an outstanding balance at when I don't even have an account there. And number two, because when I first opened my Bodog account last summer I was still 17 so I had to make up a bullshit date of birth. This will probably come back to bite me in the ass if I happen to run good and build a roll there only to end up having them freeze the account.

So instead I'm planning on opening an account at a couple of other books using my real birth date now that I'm actually 18. After a whole lot of researching seems to be a decent book so I'll go with that. I also want to have a second book just to have more line choices in tight games so as of right now its between and Again both top notch sports books but right now I'm leaning more towards 5Dimes because they offer low juice on Baseball games. Since opening day is only a couple of months away I may go with them.

I've still got $25 on Bodog so I'll just do some random picks tonight and then I'm going to wire some money to my new books over the weekend and start keeping record of my picks then.

Here's what I've got for tonight:

Kings -1

Celtics +1

Nuggets v. Bulls Under (208)

Veracruz v. Toluca Under (2.5)


vtn said...

rough friday.

note: home team was killin' on friday. fav's dominated sunday and a mixture of both on saturday.

vtn said...

i should of bought the 1/2 pt for the kings game. damn!