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Sunday, February 3, 2008

FCP 4.40 Challenge and Super Bowl

The February 4.40 challenge began on FCP last Friday but I hadn't had a chance to play any until yesterday. I actually did manage to find a partner, which is good because we ended up splitting the $50 buy in. Anyway, my personal goal for the challenge was 200 points, which I figured would be attainable if I managed to final table at least 4 tournaments and then just do decent in a couple others.

Well, to say the least I started off very badly. I played 6 torunamtents yesterday for a grand total of 7 points. This has to have been the most card dead I've been in a single night and I ran into so many coolers and took so many beats that the 7 points almost seem like an accomplishment. It's a good thing my partner has been doing pretty decent otherwise we would be in the bottom of the table right now. But I still need to pick up some of the slack. We are currently sitting 8/20 but we've already played around half our games and the leading team has over 300 points with only 8 games played. Oh well, like I said, we need some final tables and we need them fast. I'll probably get a couple of 4.40s in today as well.


Oh yea, so today is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I obviusly have some money riding on the game, and then some. Here's what I've got so far:

Patriots Money Line: $30 @ even money

Patriots Money Line: $100 to win $25

Patriots Money Line: $80 to win $20

Total Score Under 54: $10 @ even money

Coin Toss= Tails: $5 @ even money

So besides the even money I was able to get on the first bet, from some guy from work who knows nothing about football, I had to lay 4:1 odds on my other two bets, but I still think there's some value in that, and since all these bets where made with the guys from FCP, I don't gotta worry about the extra juice from the sportsbook.

Anyway I really don't see the Pats losing tonight, but if they do oh well, I'm still planning to have a blast watching the game.

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