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Monday, February 25, 2008

Slow Monday

It was a slow and uneventful weekend and it's been a slow and uneventful Monday. Last Friday I had a horrible gambling day by losing 3 out of my 4 sports bets and then dropping an additional $31 at work in poker ad blackjack. Played three Heads Up matches with my guy Furcio and I went 1 for 2, mostly by playing too loose and calling when I knew I was beat. A sick hand came up when I KNEW that my Kings were up against pocket Aces and still pushed.

Saturday and Sunday I didn't end up doing much either. I decided to hold off on the money transfer to my new accounts on Bookmaker and 5Dimes until later next week, since I've got a couple of bills I need to take care of.

So today I woke up at 7am. Decided I was to tired and hit the snooze til 10. Finally got to school around 11 and it turned out to be a pretty slow school day as well. Had weight training where I was on the bikes for the most part and then in Lifetime we're beginning the rock climbing unit, which should be kind of fun. Last class of the day, Aquatic and Marine Science was a complete drag.

Got out of school at 3:14 and drove to work. Super slow day at work. Pretty standard for a Monday though. I worked a total of 6 hours and took 11 Delivery Orders and 9 Pick Ups. Considering that on average I take a minute and a half with each order, that equates to 30 minutes of actual work. The other 5 and a half hours? Youtube, The Rx and FCP. Can't complain.

Anyway I got home an hour ago and decided to blog about my draggy Monday. I did manage to get one thing done though. I moved my television across my bedroom and into my computer desk.

Why? Because I'm sick of being online and having to keep turning my head to watch tv. Multi Tabling on PokerStars and not having to keep turning to watch the Bulls game is definitely +EV, lol. Granted this can't be good for my eyes, as I'll be sitting less than two feet away from the tv screen, but I'll try it out for a couple of days and see how it works out.

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