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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tournament Grinder

I called someone to cover for me at work today so I could hit up the Charity Casino. I won't be playing the $200 game though. I'm short on cash and have promised myself that I won't be jumping into a cash game unless I bring two full buy ins otherwise I feel like I'm playing with scared money.

Anyway, I'm going to be hitting up a couple of tournaments instead.

I plan on playing the 5:00 PM $20 Early Bird which has a horrible structure but it's only $20 so whatever. The plan for this one is going to be ultra aggression early on so I can accumulate chips early since it's a 12 minute level structure. So I won't be surprised or care really if I bust out early on this one.

Next I'll play the 7:30 $80 Mini Deepstack. This has a little bit of a better structure and the one I hope to go deep in. It's 9,000 in starting chips with 20 minute levels. Again not a great structure but playable at best. If I somehow end up going deep in the early bird, I'll have to multi table between the two tourneys.

Final one I want to give a shot is the late night 11:00 PM $40 turbo. I'm not sure if they're even running this tonight but if they are I'll jump in it as well.

So hopefully I can final table at least one of these and take home so nice cash. If not, oh well.

Alright, I'm about to go take a shower and then hit up the mall to buy some clothes for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Then back home for a while and I should leave for the casino around 4:00.

I've never been to this particular charity casino so I really hope they're not too big on the carding thing. Its 18+ but I still haven't gotten a new ID since I lost mine a while ago. If they do end up carding it's going to suck major balls.


Shit, lost the Bulls game by a couple points the other night. Going to throw $20 on the Bears tonight. They need this win to remain in the race.

Bears -3

Day Profit: +$0.00

Day Record:0-0-1

Total Record: 181-191-12

Bankroll: $110.33

Total Profit: -$89.57

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vtn said...

gl on those tourneys, take 'em all down!