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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Brag, Beat, and Variance.

Merry Christmas Folks!

: My mom cooks the best tamales in the world.

Beat: No Christmas bonus at work this year ='(

Variance: Santa's gift for me? A Boston win tonight.

Boston +2 ($20)

Day Profit: -$20.00

Day Record: 0-1

Total Record: 187-196-14

Bankroll: $105.75

Total Profit: -$94.25

1 comment:

vtn said...

man i knew the lakers were gonna cover cause you had boston and i didnt pick it for paper chaser. i got a 4 team going that still has a long shot but i need cavs and blaze to cover tonight. $20 to win like $400 something. spurs to win and lakers to cover 3 instead of 2 already hit.

that sucks that you thought boston was at home lol