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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowy Tuesday

It's so slow here at work that I thought I'd catch up on my blogging a bit since I haven't written in a couple of days as well as sharing a picture of the snowy view I have here at work outside the window.

That's one of the driver's car and as you can see by the snow accumulation in his car, he hasn't been on a run in a couple of hours, which he's not too happy about.

Ha, anyway...

So De La fucking Hoya got completely owned last Saturday by Pacquiao . That's it for him, I think. He's gotta throw in the towel and go back to whatever else it is he does.

Lost $20 on the fight to a guy from work, but lucky for me he only wanted to bet $20 since I was trying to get him to go up to $50. I was also lucky that I completely forgot to place a bet on De La Hoya on my BookMaker account. Remember I said I'd wait til right before the fight to place my bet, hoping the line would go down?

Well half way through the first round I'm like "Fuck! I didn't place my bet!"

Of course it turned out to be a genius move on my part.

The not so genius move of the night for me was not taking my guy Rommel up on a bet some time around the 4th round. He'd bet on De La Hoya and even though Pacquiao was already owning him pretty badly Rommel asked if I wanted to bet another $50 with him. He'd give me Pacquiao. I thought about it but ultimately pussied out believing De La Hoya was just one good round away from gaining momentum and kocking out Manny. Of course that never happened and I missed my chance of turning a $20 loss into a $30 profit.

Sunday I had a somewhat break even day losing $2.56 after going 1-2. I hit my Bears pick but lost a soccer pick as well as $1 on a prop bet for the soccer game. Then last night I hit MNF play to bring the bankroll to $120.33 for today.

I've got just one play tonight with the Bulls -7.5 against the Knicks. Didn't really research it. Just threw some money on them so I could have a reason to watch the game here at work. They're looking good so far up by 12 half way through the 2nd quarter.


Bulls -7.5

Day Profit: -$10.00

Day Record: 0-1

Total Record: 181-191-11

Bankroll: $110.33

Total Profit: -$89.67


Okay, a couple more Gigio's pics just because I'm messing around with the camera settings on my laptop.

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