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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Facebook Oddities

LOL, I just got done reading a newspaper article that got me thinking about how weird Facebook and other networking sites actually are when you look at it from a simple sociological point of view.

For example, every couple of weeks I get a friend request from a complete stranger whom I've never heard of and I usually just end up accepting the friend request. So what if I've never heard of Dafney Angelis from Corpus Christi, TX. She looks like a solid 8 on her profile pic and she wants to befriend me. How can I possibly say no?

Now, if a perfect stranger approached you on the street and asked to see your photo album, all of your contact information, a list of your favorite books and movies, favorite activities as well as your religious affiliation (I'm not even sure of that one myself) then you'd probably run away as soon as possible. Well, unless it was a really hot chick obviously.

Then there's the whole "Relationship Status" on Facebook that's a complex taboo of its own. What if the current chick I'm fooling with thinks I'm a creep for suddenly declaring on Facebook that we're dating when we're in fact a little bit more than friends but not much more. Or what if the same chicks gets pissed for the exact opposite reason.

"Hey Vic, what's up with you not accepting my dating request on facebook!? What are you too ashamed to acknowledge our relationship publicly? Huh!?"

I actually got burned pretty badily one time when I started going out with a chick and then let Facebook know about it. The next day at school this other girl I'd been spitting game to was completely ignoring me and I had no idea why til' her friends started calling me a jerk and an asshole for just messing with this girl's feelings. Facebook had let them know I was now
"Currently in a Relationship..."



Nice 2-0 day yesterday with some last minute plays on the Cruz Azul game. Will hope to keep it rolling today with Santos against Toluca.

Santos is coming off a very convincing series knocking out San Luis who had the best record in the regular season. And with the aquisition of Blanco from the Chicago Fire for the play-offs Santos has I believe, at least on paper the best team in the league. Not to mention they're the best home team of the past two tournies having lost just one home game in all of 2008.

I've got two plays on them. One for $20 on the spread which is a pick. Going with that just to cover my losses a bit if the game happens to end in a draw. Odds on that are -210. Then I've got $10 on the moneyline which I was able to grab at -117 after it was all the way up to -142 earlier in the day.

So esentially it comes down this. If Santos wins I win about $20. If they lose I lose $30. And if they tie I lose $10.

Oh yea, I got my first bet down for the De La Hoya v. Pacquiao fight on Saturday for $20 with Mauricio from work. And tomorrow I'm suppose to hear from this other guy to see if he wants to go double or nothing on some money he owes me from a while back. He said he'd let me know by tomorrow.

Santos Laguna -0.5 (-117).....................$10

Santos Laguna Pick (-210).....................$20

Day Profit: -$10.00

Day Record: 0-1-1

Total Record: 177-185-10

Bankroll: $136.38

Total Profit: -$63.62

1 comment:

vtn said...

it's all good yo. i'm on fire so i can afford to gamble. i was close to taking that pick thing but i got confused with the lines. they had it weird. one was -0.5 for (+110) and pk for (+105). i took the 105 but apparently that doesnt protect against the draw. i think there was a 3rd column lol