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Monday, December 22, 2008

Da Bears!

2 minutes before kick-off.

I've got $70 worth of action on this game. $50 with Rommel from work and $20 with Mauricio. Good news is I'm getting even money and laying no points. Bad news is I run like death against Mauricio. He's pretty much raped me the entire year in sports bets. The last bet I remember winning against him was back in Spring in a Mexico v. Ghana game.

So tonight it's redemption time!

It's single digit weather at Soldier's Field. Bear weather indeed!

I decided to throw $10 on Green Bay +4 on my online account and hoping to hit my middle by having the Bears win but Green Bay able to cover so I can cash on my bets at work and on my $10 bet online.

Oh yea, I also had a play on a soccer game earlier that ended 0-0 making it a push.

Okay, it's kick off time. I'm off to watch the game!

Green Bay +4

Chelsea (Pick)

Day Profit: +$9.88

Day Record: 1-0-1

Total Record: 187-195-13

Bankroll: $125.75

Total Profit: -$74.25

(Day Profit with side action from work: +$79.88)


vtn said...

damn nice work. i never cash in on your picks lol

vtn said...

who you like tonight?

vtn said...

my bankroll is nearing its' death lol

man i wanna make it thru the year without re-depositing for the 3rd time!

this sucks man cause i've been killing on this other account ( with different picks.

who you like in that la vs bos game? kev's boy is going big on boston. i think that's a good bet but i'm from la and the lakers are my team, plus i have a lunch bet with a co-worker (i got lakers lol). difficult decision. merry xmas!