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Monday, October 13, 2008

MLB Playoffs and MNF

So as was expected, ever since I mentioned how hot I was running in the HU SnG's a couple of days ago, I've now gone completely cold, lol.

All those coolers that I'd been fading are now coming back at me with a vengeance one after another. I've lost something like the last 5 out of 6 or something. I may switch back to the $6.60 6max for a while.


Nice 3-1 day yesterday with the football picks. I was really thinking about taking Atlanta instead of the Bears yesterday but changed my mind last minute. Gotta start going with my gut feeling more and not over analyze the games.

Anyway, going Rays and Dodgers tonight. Also taking the Browns but I'm holding off on that til before game time to see if I can get a better line.

Thought about teasing Browns +14 and Over 36 but my tease record speaks for itself. I'm like 0 for brazillion in them, so no dice.

Rays -0.5

Dodgers -1.5

Browns + 7.5

Day Profit: +$10.19

Day Record: 2-1

Total Record: 129-141-7

Bankroll: $108.84

Total Profit: -$91.16


vtn said...

just green all 3 right now!

vtn said...

check the football records (for the last 2 weeks)..

last saturday: 3-0-1
last sunday: 2-0

past saturday: 3-1-1
past sunday: 3-1

crookedlink said...

damn nice man. gonna have to start following.

vtn said...

yeah that record means i should up the ante to $20 per bet for the weekend. we'll see.

The Prophet said...

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