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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to $100

A week ago today the bankroll stood at $134.66, but it's been a bad week. More like a bad weekend actually. I played a soccer game way to heavily on Sunday putting $20 on it only because I bet the other side of it with a guy at work and I wasn't liking the play so I bet both sides to cancel it.

I bet on Chivas with Alex from work for $20 and then put another $20 on America on BookMaker. Chivas won so I lost the $20 on BookMaker, but I did get paid by Alex today, so it kind of works out as me just withdrawing $20 from the BookMaker account. Still wish I hadn't done it though because I was on a roll the last couple of weeks.

Anyway these are all the plays from this past week that I hadn't posted and basically outlines how I got back to $100.

10/22- Tampa Bay -0.5 (-$5.00)

10/23- Tampa Bay -1.5 (+$5.83)

10/25- Tampa Bay -1.5 (-$5.00)

10/26- America -0.5 (-$20.49)

10/27- Philadelphia -1.5 (+$0.00) no action

10/27- Indianapolis +4 (-$10.00)


Going with Lakers Celtics and Bulls tonight. Also going to follow Paper Chaser on his Hockey play since he's been on a roll with those. I'd be happy with a 2-2 day.

Bulls -6.5

Celtics -6

Lakers -7.5

Penguins -0.5

Day Profit: +$0.77

Day Record: 2-2

Total Record: 142-153-7

Bankroll: $100.77

Total Profit: -$99.23


I got invited to a home game for tomorrow night but I'm not sure it's still on. So far only 4 people have confirmed so it's not looking to good. Hopefully more people decide to come because I really feel like playing. Haven't played live in a while.

I actually went to this same home game back in February and was the big winner that day. That time we were playing .50c/$1 but tomorrow it's suppose to be $1/$2 NL Hold Em' and Pot Limit Omaha. I don't mind playing Omaha. I really suck at it but I won my biggest pot of the night in Omaha last time, haha.

But like I said, I'm still waiting to hear back from the host to see if the game's still on. If not, I might hit up the Casino up in Rolling Meadows although that's also up in the air since it's like an hour bus ride.


vtn said...

good luck to us! i'm adding the bulls picks too.

vtn said...

stupid pengs!