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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lucky Misclick

Paper Chaser has been red hot with his football picks the last couple of weeks so I decided to tail this weekend.

But let's backtrack a little. I made a few plays during the week which I didn't post. I went 1-2 in those and lost -$8.84 leaving me with a $100 bankroll heading into today.

So I decided to tail all 4 of Paper Chaser's picks and ended up with a solid 3-1 in those. Then I also had a play on the baseball game today. I wanted to bet on the Rays, but I must have misclicked when I placed the bet cause when I went back to check the day's results it showed that I actually took Boston -1.5! LOL, nice! Huge break there as Boston ended up winning 4-2.

That's actually the second break I've gotten this week. Last Thursday I was going to bet on the Rays also but for some reason my bet never went through. Rays gave up a 7 run lead and I saved myself $5, haha.

Missouri +4

South Florida -24

Ohio State -3.5

USC -42.5

Boston -1.5

Day Profit: +$16.44

Day Record: 4-1

Total Record: 134-144-7

Bankroll: $116.44

Total Profit: -$83.56

1 comment:

vtn said...

hah nice on those mis-clicks! you think the rays gonna win tonight? theyre strong at home but kev said they might be done (after game 5).

my baseball choosings have been horrendous! good thing there's football!