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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paper Chaser, Make Me Rich

Going with Paper Chaser's picks tonight. I like them, he likes them, good enough for me.

Actually I'm not so confident on the Seattle pick. Just hard to trust a team almost 25 games under .500. But that's why we call it gambling =)

Yankees -0.5

Seattle -1.5


Day Profit: -$10.00

Day Record: 0-2

Total Record: 86-101-5

Bankroll: $87.71

Total Profit: -$112.29

1 comment:

vtn said...

damn my bad! hah.

i gotta refocus.

i've been losing since hitting a parlay on my friend's bookie that paid a lot of money 2 saturdays ago.

youre right tho. the mariners are garbage and it might be time to admit that the yankees just arent very good. i'm still gonna bet them tho hah.