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Friday, March 7, 2008


I had yet another "talk" with my counselor on Wednesday, and she devised a plan that might just make it possible for me to graduate in June instead of August. After I dropped my Saturday school class a couple of weeks ago (the teacher was the biggest douche bag in the world) , I figured Summer School was inevitable, so I started slacking off in the rest of my classes also.

As things stand right now I am currently taking 7 classes:

Honors Spanish III

Weight Training

Lifetime Activities

Honors Aquatic and Marine Biology

Honors Web Design

Honors World Literature

Honors Advanced Band

Right now I have a total of 21 credits, and I need 24 to graduate. The 7 classes listed above are another potential 3.5 credits. However, I still need a mandatory first semester Literature credit which is what I was making up in my Saturday class before deciding to drop it. So my counselor recommended I make up the credit through a program called School of America that let's you make up credits with classes over the mail. They send you workbooks and stuff to complete and then you mail it back and get the credit.

Alright, so if we add the over the mail credit, that sums up to a total of 4.5 credits that are up for grabs, of which I only need three of them. Which means I could technically fail 3 of my current classes and still have 24 credits by June. Realistically speaking, and because of the amount of work I've already missed, it's a pretty safe bet that Aquatic and Marine Biology, and Computer Web Design are two classes that I probably won't be able to pass. As far as the other classes I'm pretty sure I can pass those without a problem. The main thing is just showing up to class. This past couple of days that I've been showing up to all my classes haven't been so bad. I'm pretty lucky to have some extremely cool teachers who actually give a shit about how their students are doing.

When I first got accepted into Northside I was happy as hell that I'd be attending the #1 High School in Illinois, (obvious brag) but then around my sophomore year, I started wishing I would have gone to my neighborhood school instead. It wasn't until I started going to a neighborhood school for evening classes, that I finally realized how much better off we have it over here at Northside. Being a Selective Enrollment school, the students here just get a whole lot more freedom to do whatever we want. We don't have shit like hall passes, and we can eat in the classrooms and walk out whenever we want, because the administration trusts us.Hell, we play poker in the cafeteria, with chips and everything, and the security guards come and join us. We have absolutely no gang activity what so ever, no vandalism to speak of or anything like that, so the student body in general, just feels a lot safer. Take a 10 minute walk over to Roosevelt High School in Albany Park and it's the complete opposite. Gang fights every day, under paid and over worked teachers which translates into under achieving students, and a graduation rate somewhere around 50%.

So why am I writing about all of this? I have no idea, lol. I guess it's been a slow gambling week. I did play a bit on Full Tilt yesterday. First a Heads Up SnG with an FCPer. It was a really fun match lasted almost 30 minutes but I finally took it down, after I caught my opponent on a huge bluff.

Then I played a $5.50 Double Stack 90 man tourney, but I couldn't get anything going in that one and busted out in 56th or so. I made a big lay down early on with a pair of Aces, on a somewhat scary board, for a huge pot. It was just to early in the tourney to gamble, so I folded what was probably the best hand. If I knew how card dead I was going to run for the rest of the tourney, I would have pushed instead, lol.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to make the Deep Stack tourney this Sunday, because my guy Furcio wants to set up a home game at his house. We're trying to generate some interest right now, but unfortunately there's not a whole lot of poker players at our school. Hopefully we can get at least 6 guys or so and play a cash game.

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